What do you want?

”Knowing is not enough”

Team Building

What do you want – and do you know how to get it? Most people know what they dream of, but few people have articulated it clearly. Are you afraid of following your dream? Or do you follow it but it doesn’t come true? We all know someone who always get what they want. We often hear the phrase ‘he gets everything for free’.  Deep down, we know that is not true, nobody has an easy ride in life, but those who achieve their goals all follow the same strategy – even though they are perhaps not aware of this themselves, and you can easily adopt this strategy yourself!

”Thinking into results” is a coaching course that helps you change old habits and thought patterns  and gives you a new strategy to achieve our goals and optimize your potential without stress. It also helps you to lead the life you wish to live. It sounds unbelievable but believe – it can be done, and it is also easy to learn.

The course is probably different from what you have tried before, so you have to put all your previous learnings aside and start over. This course has been developed together with one of the world’s leading experts within developing the human potential, Bob Proctor.

It is an online course and consists of 12 modules of blended learning based upon coaching and self-studying. Your work with each module in two weeks and must set aside 2 x 30 minutes per day through 24 weeks.

This process is for those who are willing to take themselves seriously and who genuinely wants a change. Through the course, you will have to part with old and unhealthy convictions and habits and this will affect as well as change all aspects of your life. It will prepare you to meet any challenge in the future constructively. You will change your mindset and you will be able to think, react and act as the most successful people you know.


Lesson 1: Worthy ideal – Goal setting and achieving
Lesson 2: Knowing-doing gap -Return on investment
Lesson 3: Infinite mind – Productivity and efficiency
Lesson 4: The secret genie – Peak performance of employees
Lesson 5: Thinking into results – Innovation and proactive thinking
Lesson 6: Environment is but Our looking glass – Creating powerful teams
Lesson 7: Trample the Terror Barrier – Overcoming barriers to success
Lesson 8: The power of Praxis – Aligning actions and result with company vision
Lesson 9: The Magic Word – The Magic of Attitude
The attitude and mindset of high-producing teams
Lesson 10: The Most Valuable person – Effective leadership
Lesson 11: Leaving everyone with the impression of Increase – Profit through service
Lesson 12: Magnifying the Mind – Team Problem Solving












Andrew Carnegie

“Knowledge is power, ACTION is king”