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Ignite Your Health and wellness

At the beginning of 2020 I was invited to write a chapter in the book “Ignite your Health and Wellness”.

The Book contains 34 different stories, written by men and women from all over the world, who has gone through some sort of transformation. The book is a part of the Ignite series.

My story is a reflection on some of the things that have had an influence on who I am today

"Reading Tinas story made me reflect about the obstacles we have growing up, and how they shape us and how some of these obstacles still are a part of our lives even in a mature age. It would be a relief if we all had the power to grow from them and overcome these obstacles as Tina did. Tinas words were a great inspiration to kick start a continued self awareness journey with the simple mantra 'of course you can do it".
Charlotte Rugaard Nielsen
Adm. direktør
"After reading your story I can understand and look at life from another point of view, from an inner perspective where the help and solutions to your problems find you in yourself because they have always been there and because in many cases the solution that lies inside you has not been settled. There are no sprinkles in life that cannot be levelled by action, even the hardest rock is shaped by the river's strength. We spend the time thinking we live full of trouble, born to suffer and devote very little time to think about solutions and we were born to impact others. This book will help you light that flame that will forge your state of mental, physical and emotional health. You will guide the solution to your problems, because their pages they write the most shocking stories you can read."
Sergio Morales